Senior Season Pass

Senior Season Pass - Valid for ages 70 years and older. (Age as of 10/31/2021)

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Senior Season Pass Safeguard

Season Passes are sold as non-refundable and non-transferrable. Safeguard covers loss of pass use due to injury or illness occurring subsequent to purchase. This in-house refund program will reimburse you a pro-rated portion of the cost of your pass should you be unable to use it due to a covered medical reasons (i.e. accidental injury or illness). Covered medical reasons must occur after you have purchased Safeguard and result in the inability to ski/board for more than 30 days. Pregnancy, pre-existing conditions, work-related transfers, moving/relocating, or the lack of snow are not covered. Safeguard does not provide evacuation or Accidental Death and Dismemberment coverage.

Product Terms and Conditions


I understand and accept the fact that alpine skiing, in its various forms, and snowboarding, are hazardous sports that have many dangers and risks. I realize that injuries are a common and ordinary occurrence in these sports. I agree, as a condition of being allowed to use the ski area facility and premises, that I freely accept and voluntarily assume all risks of personal injury or death or property damage, and release Black Hills Chair Lift Co, and its agents, employees, directors, officers, and shareholders from any and all liability for personal injury or property damage which results in any way from negligence conditions on or about the premises and facilities, the operations of the ski area including, but not limited to, grooming, snowmaking, ski lift operations, actions or omissions of employees or agents of the area, or my participation in skiing or other activities at the area, accepting myself the full responsibility for any and all such damage or injury of any kind which may result.

I certify, by checking the box below, that I am the passholder listed above and have read the liability release and conditions of use mentioned here.

I, the undersigned, have read and understood the terms of the above Season's Pass and the release Agreement which is an essential part of it. I am signing it freely and of my own accord, realizing it is binding upon myself, my heirs and assigns, and in the event that I am signing on behalf of any minors, that I have full authority to do so, realizing its binding effect on them as well as myself.
As a condition of holding a Season's Pass identification card and being permitted to use any and all of the facilities of the ski area, I further agree to assume all risk of personal injury or loss or damage to any of my property.

  Yes I have read and understand the terms and conditions of this product sale.